Crossover Nordic – Day 2 (Part 2)

There’s been ALOT of pitching today and its now 4.30 pm and we’re preparing for another set of pitches from the team.  There should be about 20 more which will get the idea wall full of about the 50 that we need for tomorrow’s ideas market.

Earlier today, the teams built up personas – stories about the lives of a typical users/consumer of the content and service they want to make.  After building up a ‘world view’ for this fictional person, they introduced the persona and pitched an idea that was made for that person.

One of the personas - Fredrik, 25yo

One of the personas - Fredrik, 25yo

The quality of the pitching has been great – right from the start, I’ve been impressed.  Its not easy to bare your thoughts to a group of strangers and the confidence, courage and honesty (nevermind English-speaking skills!) have been impressive.

Pitching is a key part of Crossover – its a great way for testing an idea and getting feedback.  To recap, we’ve had pitches that started with:

  • Stories and topics
  • Platforms
  • Personas

The final pitches can be anything that the participants want – some will be from ideas they’ve had brewing in

Another persona - Kajsa, 37 yo

Another persona - Kajsa, 37 yo

their heads or jobs outside of Crossover and some will be from ideas they’ve had here.  The key to these pitches is that they will use the ‘NABC’ method of pitching.

NABC is the name of a method of pitching that requires users to quickly outline:

  • The Need that their production will serve (be it an audience or business need);
  • The Approach they propose for meeting the need;
  • The Benefits of their chosen approach for meeting the need and;
  • The Competition their idea will meet in the market place.

This methodology was developed by SRI (who are leaders in the field of product design and innovation).  IDEO are another leader in this area who’s methodology are also worth checking out – their method cards are a well-known tool for facilitators.

To make sure the Ideas Wall is full for tomorrow, there’s going to be one more idea-generation exercise: using random photos as stimulus to create a starting point, working the starting point through a genre and then working that into a short pitch for the morning.

Tonight we’ll be hearing the ‘Slussen Stories’ – the ones the teams started on the first night with objects from the island (Slussen) with stimulus that they had to digitise.

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