Crossover Nordic Day 2: Slussen Stories

Slussen is the name of the island in Sweden that we’re staying on and the teams have been working on digitising an object from the island that they can tell a story about.  We’re watching them now, and the best one gets a prize.  They’re crossing an object from the island, with a digital platform and a genre.

Group One: Kai, Anna and Andreas: The Ice Cream War: Crossing Facebook and Science Fiction

The ice cream war is getting closer. Choose a side or die.

Group Two: Hans, Parvin and Karl: Shag-gypedia: Wikis and Soaps

Looking at (sexual) connections with Hollywood.  One shag at a time.

Group Three: Thomas, Andre and Magnus: Facebook and

This is the story of Goran who is a numerologist who looks at number plates and tells people whether or not its safe to drive.  You can send Goran your number plates on Facebook for his analysis and this will eventually translate to TV.  He even sometimes dreams of numberplates and knows what will happen to them.  It will raise awareness and facilitate discussions about road deaths, destiny, drunk driving, speeding because deaths on the road are huge killer in our society.

Group 4: Gile, Maria, Lise: Wiki and Ghost Story

The story of a ghost on the island who is posting on a wiki from beyond the grave.  Anna is also on Facebook.

Group 5: Tahir, Fredrik, Oskar: Facebook and Romantic Comedy (updated every minute)

A live parody of all the other stories – with interaction from Anna Karlsson and others.  The love story inside is between Anders Goransson and his wife and his mistress Anna Karlsson.

Group 6: Jonas, Isabelle, Kalle: YouTube and Natural History

(link coming)

Nature IRL: Young people aren’t spending enough time in nature and this encourages them to do this via a YouTube Channel by answering your questions about nature.  There’s direct video and SMS feedback to users.

Group 7: Karin, Erik and Camilla: Horror and Flickr

There’s few people on Slussen after the holiday season… There’s some kind of social function on the noticeboard.  This is the story of a Thai hairdresser in Sweden and her friends (Ronja2005 and Eddie Flames).

Slussen is clearly a wierder and more dangerous place that’s full of danger, shagging and poisonous vegetation…

Who was the winner?  Everyone!

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