Crossover Nordic: Day 5: Preparing for the Final Pitch

Well, day four of Crossover Nordic was the day of hard work.  All of the teams spent an intensive day working on their ideas – and boy – did they come a long way.

To re-hash, the teams formed after the Ideas Market on Day 3 and put their heads down to work on pitches for their ideas.  We’re using creating pitches as a way of developing the ideas and giving feedback because its a useful methodology but also because these ideas will be pitched to real commissioners at Nordisk Panorama.  Each group has had three watering holes (described here) with different mentors where they’ve had intensive feedback on both their ideas and their pitches and have been doing tremendous amounts of revision before the next watering hole.

The amount of work that’s gone into each project between has been amazing.  The ideas and pitches have been iterated at break-neck speed and the teams have been incredibly open to all forms of feedback and critique – which isn’t easy; especially when some of them have been working almost all night.  The teams have gone on huge creative journeys and its been thrilling to help mentor them through the process and see them progress.  Each time they’ve presented, the mentors have seen the ideas and presentations progress a huge amount.

This morning I’m sitting and watching the final technical rehearsals for the pitches and they’ve all improved – again.  Great stuff.  Personally, I think that more than one of them has a really strong chance of getting commissioned and I’m really proud of how well the teams have done.

At this lab I’ve been working as a mentor/facilitator but I know I’d be interested in taking these type of projects forward had they been pitched to me in other labs and festivals where I’ve worked as a commissioner.  I’m wishing all of the teams good luck and can’t wait to see the final pitches and see the teams’ reactions to each others work as it will be the first time they see their colleagues ideas since they were just a bit of writing on paper a few days ago.

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