X|Media Lab Korea: Mobile TV

One of the most exciting things about being here in Seoul is that I’m finally able to see mobile TV (DMB) in action.  Hopefully, Mobile TV of some sort will be launching in the UK during the next few years and so the opportunity to see this new opportunity for content distribution in action is great.  Here’s a few pictures (on a rather dashing pink iridescent phone)…

I was surprised that they all had long extendable antennas!  Not sure how that will go down in the UK where we’re used to very slick mobiles without antennas.

I’ve been trying to talk to people here about the programming they watch on it – looking for insights into what’s worked and what doesn’t.  Interstingly, they keep telling me, ‘It’s just TV.  Nothing special.’  And, they don’t seem particularly aware of any interactivity – other than the programme/channel guide – on the platform.  This is, of course, a consumer perspective – I know there’s more going on behind the scenes editorially.

Functionally, two cool features I saw were texting alerts about live programming reminders to friends in your phone contacts and DVR functionality, which one user really raved about liking.

Consumers I’ve been talking to have also been complaining about problems with reception and been telling me that WiPro is a better way of getting video content to their phones.  I need to check the WiPro stuff out but no one I’ve talked to has been able to show it to me on their phone yet.

I’m now at the Mobile Content Awards 2008 and the categories are:

Mobile Games
Mobile Service
Mobile Entertainment and Community
Outstanding Contribution
Innovative Content

… No category for mobile TV (and no broadcast entries in the above categories).  This backs up the attitude that ‘its just TV.’

I hope that’s not the case.  From what I’ve been seeing at work, I think it can offer us new opportunities to create specific content for audiences that are on the move and who have different user and content needs in those situations.

One response to “X|Media Lab Korea: Mobile TV

  1. Great post Jason. I posted my thoughts on the subject on my own blog here:


    Having lived in Korea, and used a device with DMB capabilities, there might be something in my post that could interest you. Nice meeting you at Mobile Content 2008.

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