Curl Up IN The Fire – Compilation 2009

For those of you who have known me for a long time, you’ll know that I have a tradition of making a compilation of tracks I’ve been listening to (new-ish and old – so it’s not a ‘songs of the year’ CD, necessarily).

This year is no exception and so, without ado, here’s this year’s track listing.  I’ve also added a Spotify playlist for those of you who have it and am also going to try to turn it into a podcast.

1) Talk Like That – The Presets

2) The Bachelor – Patrick Wolf

3) Too Young to Love – The Big Pink

4) Poison Arrow – Sonic Youth

5) Signs – Bloc Party

6) Who Can Say? – The Horrors

7) By The Time – MIKA and Imogen Heap

8 ) Slaughter Killing Carnage (The Meaning of Words) – A Sunny Day in Glasgow

9) Forever Young – Youth Group

10) Better Off as 2 (acoustic) – FrankMusik

11) The Flood – Simon Bookish

12) Box n Locks – Mpho

13) Danger Makers (demo) – H Bird *

14) Feel The Love – Cut Copy

15) Half Asleep – School of Seven Bells

16) Let Go of the Fear – Maps

17) I Am Not a Robot – Marina and the Diamonds

18) Pink and Glitter – Tori Amos

* H Bird aren’t on Spotify (yet!) so I’ve put another treat on the Spotify version: L’Amour et la Violence (Floating Points mix) – Sebastien Tellier

If anyone can suggest some free software that I can use to easily turn an iTunes or Spotify playlist into a podcast on a Mac, I’ll put up a podcast version too.  (I’m sure I should know how to do this…)

download: curl up IN the fire

Enjoy – and Happy 2010 to everyone!

One response to “Curl Up IN The Fire – Compilation 2009

  1. Hey – This post has been really popular all of a sudden after a few months. If you find this – please post how you found it, where you came from. Thanks!

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