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An ‘interesting’ use of 3G video – Video Hookers

One of the dirty secrets of the new media industry is that a lot of major technical advances that have been made (especially with regard to digital video distribution and billing) have been developed largely to fuel the online adult content market.

Now, I’m not naive enough to not know there was plenty of porn for mobiles out there. But, I have to say I was pretty darn surprised the other night to see this new service – PlayDate – advertised above a urinal (sorry ladies – they really do put ads at eye level above urinals):

Video escorts

Video escorts

It’s not just video porn for mobiles, it’s actually a way you can preview an escort before you meet her.¬† Could this really be legal?

I can’t say I approve (though I have to send kudos to whoever did the copywriting on the poster) – but it does lead me to think whatever will these wacky kids thing up next?

I guess, as they say in Avenue Q, it’s true, “the internet is for porn.”