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Patrick Wolf private gig for Bandstocks investors

Last week, I wrote about how excited I was that I’d been invited to a see a private gig by Patrick Wolf after investing some money in his forthcoming album Battle on Bandstocks.

Little did I know what a treat I was in for.  The gig was last night and held at the 1901 Club in Waterloo, London and was like being in someone’s living room/lounge listening to Patrick give a recital for a tiny crowd.

I won’t gush here about how good the gig was (amaaaaazzzzzzzing) but wanted to post to share some of the videos and pictures I took and because it made me think more about what a good idea Bandstocks is.  No, I’m not being paid by their PR company! 

One of the things that came across last night was that Patrick really likes talking to and creating music for his fans.  The whole time he was incredibly gratious and humble and genuinely thanking his investors for their support.  Not something you normally get in such a heartfelt way when you go to a gig.

Direct relationships between artists and fans can only be a good thing and hopefully the way forward.  Cameras were welcomed and so alot of people were snapping/recording away – just another sign that Patrick is exploring a new relationship between fans and music where he (or they) own it and not a big major record label (which generally prevents either the artist or fan from fully enjoying it so that the company can profit) – and knows that letting fans do this is good free publicity and not stealing.

Anyway, the lighting in the venue was very dim so please forgive the quality of the photos and videos, but here goes.  I hope you enjoy it half as much as I did as it really was a special night.

“Paris” is my favourite of his songs… glad he played it even if I messed up the camera:

Photos on Flickr here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/j-sin


Election Day Creative Commons Awesomeness

Now THIS is what I’m talkin’ ’bout – I just found out that a photo I took a few years ago and put onto Flickr under a Creative Commons license (so that anyone else can use it as long as they attribute appropriately, etc) has been used in a GREAT Election Day video.

Full details here.

It’s the beauty of Creative Commons – someone, doing something creative and for good with work they never could have had access to under traditional copyright rules.

I’m not saying that I’m opposed to Copyright, just that this great creativity that doesn’t damage my intellectual property is something great that Creative Commons enables.

Now GET OUT AND VOTE (if you’re American that is)!