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Korea: A mobile device you NEVER want

So I’m in Seoul, Korea for X|Media Lab and Mobile Content 2008 and upon landing was immediately looking for some examples of the cool mobile/wireless devices and gadgets that Korea is so famous for.

I didn’t expect the first one I saw…

Glad this didn't greet me in Seoul

Wireless lost-baggage device: Glad this didn

This badboy is a wireless display that goes around on the luggage conveyer belt at the airport to notify people that their luggage has been lost.  Glad I didn’t see MY name on it, but couldn’t help think it was pretty cool and showed JUST how wired Korea is.

I wonder if I’ll meet these guys (spotted at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam at the weekend) while I’m here…

Seoul Men

Seoul Men

Crossover Nordic: Last Night’s presentation and party

At the end of Day 3, Frank gave a talk with a number of examples of social media for the groups to use as inspiration.  The presentation was based off of Matt Locke’s Six Spaces of Social Media.

After a long hard day, we had a small celebration with a traditional Swedish Crayfish Festival and here’s some pictures of us celebrating with Crayfish, Shnappes and Princess Cake (for Magnus’s birthday!):