BBC Mobile – #1 in the UK (again)

Good news circulated amongst my team this morning – our mobile site has been ranked #1 in the UK (again) and the market for what we do is growing tremendously.  Sure Google are close on our tail, but I’m hoping we can keep our competitive edge with some of the plans we’ve got up our sleeve.

This new marketing trail for our News service has just launched, hopefully raising awareness and usage of our service.  I think it’s great and am hoping it will be successful.

I think the growth in usage is the most exciting part of this morning’s news though.  Christmas is coming and with new devices sure to be under alot of Christmas trees, I don’t think this is the last time that we’ll see this type of growth.  iPhones, G1s, Blackberry Storms, etc are out there and are finally devices that are ready to take mobile web browsing mainstream.

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