Design Mind: Mobile industry and creative destruction

This is an interesting article I just read about the mobile industry written by Design Mind, the in-house magazine at Frog Design – one of the few that backs up and isn’t looking at what’s the next Series 60 handset or guessing at what Palm or iPhone have planned – but actually looking at some of the historical and traditional forces that are facing the industry.

creative destructionUltimately, it takes a dim view of convergence happening via smartphones – I’m not quite sure I buy it, but its an interesting theory, and certainly possible.  We don’t think about it much but there could be another path to instant communication and access to all the information you need that’s not a PC or a mobile or a hybrid one.  Sure, they’ll both come close – but, the article says, they may never provide the whole solution.  I also liked the importance the article attached to the ‘feeling’ that designed products provide – I think this is far too often overlooked.

Another point that excited me was that this is the first time I’ve read about Nvidia announcing that Tegra would soon be available and able to make video game-quality graphics available on mobiles.  This is going to allow a huge shift in mobile content and services and bring some great stuff to the small screen.

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