BBC Mobile wins in 2008 .Net magazine awards

BBC Mobile (which I’m the managing editor of) has been lucky to get alot of recognition over the last few weeks. Sure, I’m bragging – the stuff we do is great – and its great to see everyone who I work with getting some recognition for the work we all do everyday.

.net award

.net award - click to enlarge

We won the Mobile Site of the Year award where the judges said: “BBC Mobile is an attempt to squeeze Britain’s biggest website onto some of the smallest screens around. The incredible thing about it is: it works’. “  Here’s a screen grab since the awards themselves aren’t posted on the website.

However, in some ways it was more interesting to me to see another award the BBC won in these awards.

The BBC iPlayer also won the Web Application of the Year Award. More great news for the Beeb, of course. I worked on the very first BBC iPlayer team many years ago and seeing it live and winning awards has been great.

The really interesting this about this award though is that the photo in the foreground is of BBC iPlayer on mobile. Awesome stuff and I think this just shows how in the last year the boundaries between web content on mobile and web conent made for desktop PCs is blurring. I think it sets us up for a really exciting year where the wealth of content and services available on mobiles will increase dramatically, as will usage. I also think it could be one of the drivers for making mobile AV go mainstream – and I certainly hope so.

.net award - click to enlarge

.net award - click to enlarge

One response to “BBC Mobile wins in 2008 .Net magazine awards

  1. congrats on the awards… checking out BBC mobile is on my todo list 🙂

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